Keith Morris – a Rocker Behind a Lens

In a career spanning over four decades, photographer Keith Morris had a rare, even perhaps unique ability to discover and draw out the underlying personalities of his subjects. And although best known for his iconic images of the likes of Marc Bolan, Nick Drake, The Damned, Elvis Costello, Janis Joplin and B.B. King, he also applied his eye to literally hundreds of other musicians, groups and indeed people from a diverse range of backgrounds, as well as the cultural and social conditions of the times he lived in.


Keith Morris – Beneath the Surface

Although a huge and committed fan of all sorts of music – which extended to opera in later life – Keith Morris had several other consuming passions, the greatest of which was diving. Having maintained a rigorous fitness regime ever since his schooldays (he was runner-up in the 1955 National Youth 1500 metre race), he initially developed an interest in scuba-diving in his teens. By the mid-seventies however, Keith was taking it much more seriously and with his typical energy and determination he moved quickly up the ranks of the British Sub-Aqua Club to become a national instructor, coming top of his year at the age of 50.