Official Keith Morris Photographer T-shirts

The Keith Morris Estate are releasing a range of Official Photographer T-shirts designed by Keith’s youngest daughter and Graphic Designer, Sevrin Morris.

Visit the shop for more information.

Other book news…

We anticipate further projects which include Elvis Costello, Marc Bolan and iconic images of folk musicians in the 1970’s.
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I Saw Nick Drake : Photographs by Keith Morris

The archive’s first book has recently been released by Ormond Yard Press in early September 2012; I Saw Nick Drake : Photographs by Keith Morris.
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Keith Morris: Parting Shots

Keith Morris: Parting Shots, the first ever, full-scale retrospective exhibition of Keith’s work opened at London’s Proud Central Gallery on September 18th 2008 and closed on November 16th that year.
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Nick Drake: the Strange Face Project at Idea Generation Gallery

A selection of Keith Morris’s photographs of Nick will be exhibited and on sale in an exciting new exhibition called The Strange Face Project: Adventures with a Lost Nick Drake Recording.  The exhibition is the story of a lost Nick Drake recording and how the man who found it chose to share it in an extraordinary way. In the 1970s, when working as a post-boy at Island Records, television composer Michael Burdett was asked to throw some tapes in a rubbish skip. Thinking he could use them in the studio he was setting up, he got permission to take them. One in particular caught his eye. “I picked it up because it had ‘Nick Drake, Cello Song’ and ‘with love’ written on the box. The words ‘with love’ made me think that it had to be Nick’s handwriting and on that basis I couldn’t let it go to the dump.”
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Media Coverage

London’s Time Out magazine published a feature on Proud Central’s exhibition, ‘Keith Morris: Parting Shots’, in their September 18th 2008 issue.
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